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Storage System Solutions

Storage System Solutions Incorporated is located in Mount Airy, NC, United States and is a part of the Information Technology Services Industry. Storage System Solutions Inc possesses a total of eleven full-time employees and produces $30,784 in annual sales (in US dollars). The main product manufactured by the company is the iSCSI command center. The company also manufactures other products such as backup tapes, storage arrays, servers and storage area networks. It provides end-to-end data management solutions and storage optimization services. The company offers managed services for storage, servers, network, security, recovery, as well as compliance needs.

As per the latest market research, over three thousand storage system solutions at are available in the market today. In this regard, the demand for solid state hard drives, magnetic stripe, and platters is expected to increase. Modern day data storage requirements of businesses are mainly comprised of tapes and other rotating media. The usage of media storage in any industry including consumer electronics, health care, and manufacturing requires efficient and reliable storage systems that are able to withstand adverse conditions. Solid State Drives, Magnetic Strip Drives and Platters are used in various applications and these require specialized and advanced configurations.

The need for efficient and reliable Konstant storage solutions was felt after the recent economic downturn. The market has witnessed tremendous growth in every field including information technology, telecommunications, industrial goods and consumer products. Rising unemployment, inflation and financial instability have further added to the woes of businesses in providing effective storage solutions. To counter the problem, a number of companies have initiated the concept of long distance storage. This new class of solutions enables companies to utilize their existing storage media and make it available through any medium of their choice.

A number of storage systems including the following are used in such a manner: - Platter-based Hard Disk Storage (FFD), Tape-based Storage System (TSCS) and LCD Screen Organizer/Scanning Filter (SCF). Depending upon the requirement of a company, one of these solutions can be selected. For Tapes, companies may use hard-disk platters while TCS requires solid state drive (SSD) or flash memory card based solutions. Using a scanning device that utilizes scanner for solid state drives reduces costs involved with storage solution and improving productivity and operational efficiency. Discover more facts about storage at

Solid State Drives/Drivers provide a cost-effective storage system that provides easy access to important data and eliminates the physical limitations associated with hard disk platters. SSD storage systems are capable of replacing traditional disk drives and thus, become highly advantageous storage solution. By combining affordability and enhanced functionality, SSDs are rapidly replacing hard disk drives in applications requiring high storage capacity.

When selecting a storage system for any industry-related application, it is advisable to carry out a thorough research. Various storage media and their features and limitations are discussed in detail. The cost of implementing any solution is also analyzed based on the usage pattern and benefits that may accrue. Some storage system vendors offer a free trial facility. Before selecting any solution, it is suggested to test it by installing a full range of tests to identify potential problems. By using the trial version, it becomes easier to find and repair flaws in the initial design.

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